Offer Details:

  • Valid only for resellers. Sundown sells only to resellers.

  • 15% Savings is based on your average cost from your current supplier of same or similar magnet.

  • Sundown may require proof of previous cost (such a copy of recent invoice/s).

  • Offer not valid if switching to Sundown from existing Sundown customer or distribution channel (offer only valid if switching to any of Sundown brand magnets from any other brand)*

  • Sundown reserves the right to limit the order quantity.

  • Offer valid for limited time only. Offer terms and conditions may change without prior notice.

* Current Sundown brand magnets include: AlniMAXTM, AlniMAX IITM, PowerPLATETM, FerriMAXTM, FerriMAX PlastiCAPTM

  FerriMAX BulletCapTM, BlackMAXTM, Super BlackMAXTM and GreyMAXTM


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